• Responsive Landing Pages
  • Mobile UI/UX
  • Ad Banners
  • Videos
  • Emails

Responsive Landing Pages/Website

PrettyLitter is a subscription based company with a core product that detects abnormalities in cats’ urine by changing color. Point A Solutions has had the pleasure of aiding in PrettyLitter’s marketing efforts by building several high-converting landing pages for their paid search and social channels. Since our involvement with PrettyLitter, overall sales have increased 35%. We’re excited to help promote their new product; to hit markets mid to late December 2018.

Customer Portal UI/UX

Previously, PrettyLitter relied on customers to either email or call into their headquarters for customers to change or cancel their subscription. Not anymore. With the strong collaboration of PrettyLitter’s highly skilled development and product services team, Point A Solutions was able to help design PrettyLitter’s very first customer portal for the mobile experience (the core of their traffic). Users have the ability to upgrade or downgrade their subscription, change delivery date, enter cat’s information, updated credit card and shipping address, add products, and in the unfortunate event, cancel their subscription.

Social Videos

85% of the us internet audience watches videos online and 90% say videos help make purchasing decisions. Point A Solutions recognizes the impact videos have on buyers. That’s why all of our videos are custom tailored to the product or service we’re selling. No templated remakes. Our videos for PrettyLitter focus on everything from it’s remarkable ability to detect health problems to the 7 other key selling points that make PrettyLitter heads above the rest. Check out or video showcasing the ease of delivery mixed with some of the key features.

Ad Banners

Point A Solutions created several static banner concepts for PrettyLitter’s programmatic audience targeting and re-targeting in both desktop and mobile.