• Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Ad banners
  • Presentations
  • Product photography
  • Video production
  • Branding / logos
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Menus
  • Product packaging
  • POP displays
  • More!
Point A Solutions - web design

Web Design

Your website is often the first impression a customer has of your brand. It’s pivotal that not only does it represent your identity, but also fast, responsive, and intuitive. A slow site, no matter how beautiful, is the fastest way to lose a customer. Point A Solutions has over 15 years experience building streamline experiences on the web. Our sites are delivered with an “A” ranking speed on pingdom, methodically tested for user intuitiveness, and on-point with your brand. If your goal is to convert customers, or just simply be recognized and remembered, look no further than Point A Solutions!

  • Website Design and Development
  • Landing Pages
  • Presentations


To Point A Solutions, a brand is not simply logo, colors, and typography, it’s a feeling that resignates with your target audience. That’s where we start, understanding your target audience and the challenges in your market. Every decision we make to get to a final brand is carefully dissected to make sure it represents the feeling you want to convey. Point A Solutions has launched brands in several verticals including law, media agencies, restaurants and more. Let’s introduce your company as the new standard!

Full Brand Concept Including:

  • Logo Design
  • Color Pallet
  • Typography
  • Brand Guidelines
Point A Solutions - providence legal pa branding
Point A Solutions - Banners

Display Banners

Point A Solutions has had the privilege of creating display banners for some of the world’s largest brands in several verticals; McDonald’s, Mazda, Netflix, Skype, just to name a few. From static banners on mobile, to rich media and video banners on desktop, Point A Solutions has created it all. We implement best practices on all our banners, which dramatically increases your chance of success out of the gate.

  • Static
  • Rich Media
  • In-Banner Video
  • Pre-roll
  • Desktop & Mobile

Print Media

Those that say print is dead, doesn’t know how (or when) to use it. Print is very much still an integral part of advertising and branding. Coupled with the right campaign and under the right KPI, print can be very powerful lead generation tool. Whether you’re looking for production on a full, 200 page publication, or just need business cards to leave with prospective clients, we’ve created it. Point A Solutions knows how to leave a statement that grabs attention and peaks interest.

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Menus
  • Product Packaging
  • More…
Point A Solutions - Print
Point A Solutions - video production

Video Production

Video is everywhere and can have a HUGE impact on both lead generation and your brand. Our video artists have propelled brands like UFC, Red Bull, Angry Birds, Fox Sports, and more. Point A Solutions is a full scope video production agency – meaning we can create a compelling script and detail storyboards, hire talent, shoot the scenes, create custom music, edit, post-production effects and animation and format to various media sizes. We love bringing your ideas to life and showing you off to the world.

  • Visual FX
  • Editing
  • Coloring
  • Rotoscope
  • Scoring
  • 3D Modeling
  • Motion Graphics
  • Compositing
  • Motion Tracking
  • Sound Design
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