Point A Solutions - chicken meets rice logo

Chicken Meets Rice

Point A Solutions - chicken meets rice logo
  • Branding
  • Responsive Website
  • Tri-fold Menus
  • Overhead Display Menu
  • A-Frame Signage
  • Uniforms

Responsive Website

The early goal for the Chicken Meets Rice online experience was to give legitimacy to the brand, offer a digital menu, and advertise the location of the restaurant. As the brand continues to grow, we will implement a full online ordering experience with takeout options and post reviews from customers. For now, the story of Chicken Meets Rice and the amazing food prepared by founders Jonathan Sujarit, and Shone Tran are the focus.


Chicken Meets Rice needed various advertising materials for their launch: an A frame sign, tri-fold menus, t-shirt uniforms, and an overview menu display (digital). Each had a unique challenge but all had a similar objective – make people hungry and allow them to find what they want easily. Professional photography, stark contrast, vivid imagery, and the right colors was key to meeting this objective.

Point A Solutions - chicken meets rice print
Point A Solutions - chicken meets rice logos


Chicken Meets Rice wanted a modern take on traditional street Thai. The aim was to be social and edgy while maintaining Thai culture. Point A Solutions immersed ourselves in Thai street art, taking to it’s bright colors and broad strokes. We en-captured the colors of traditional Thai street food for the brand’s rich color pallet – the red and yellow curry, the greens of the herbs, spices, and vegetables. We incorporated old wood and concrete that is typically seen on the streets of Thailand as the background to all media material. The typography was to feel painted or hand-drawn; keeping to the artistic inspiration seen on Thai streets. Born from the streets of Thailand and it’s amazing culture, is Chicken Meets Rice.