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Chicken Meets Rice

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The Ask.

The founders of Chicken Meets Rice, Jonathan Sujarit and Shone Tran, came to Point A Solutions with a need to create a compelling brand, along with advertising materials, that would put a very unique spin on a very authentic Singaporean dish, Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Our Solutions.

Point A Solutions created a very thorough brand identity package including logo, colors, fonts, and icons. We created a ordering-forward website with the ability to order online for takeout and integrated with several popular delivery apps. Point A created takeaway menus, signage, display menus for each location, cups, bags, uniforms, and many other materials.

Later, as the company grew from it's flagship restaurant into 4 other locations, we rebranded and added a loyalty rewards campaign.

The Result.

Chicken Meets Rice has grown from a single restaurant into a franchise. Point A Solutions continues to support the founders as they grow; both in creating new online and print materials and consulting marketing strategies.

Logo Design

Our branding process explored the positioning of the brand according to the owner's vision, target audience, and competition in the marketplace. We formulated the brand narrative and visual identity that the owners were very proud of - twice.

Web Design

Chicken Meets Rice's initial website primarily displayed their menu and story. The second iteration includes, online ordering for 4 locations, rewards, gift cards, Instagram feed, and review feed.


Chicken Meets Rice went through 3 different food photographers that did not live up to their brand standards. So we took a crack at it. The founders were beyond thrilled with the results.

Display Menu

Chicken Meets Rice has a unique ordering process, similar to what you would expect at a poke bowl restaurant. Because their menu is everchanging, we used a digital display with animated content.

In addition to the brand and all of the digital media, Point A Solutions also created takeaway menus, uniforms, tableware, interior and exterior design options, and other advertising signage. We continue to be a valuable consultant for Chicken Meets Rice as they franchise.