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Denver's #1 Trusted Branding Agency

Whether you’re an established brand looking for an identity re-haul, or you’re a brand new company eager to get noticed, Point A Solutions has the ability and experience to get you there. We are as emphatic and passionate about your company as you are, and it shows in our work.

Our Branding Process

The Point A Solutions branding process is divided into two distinct phases: Research & Diagnosis and Recommendation & Design. We employ a measured, methodical (and super concentrated) approach that combines research and creativity to help clients define their brand, energize their employees and place themselves on the path to engage audiences. We’ve found this approach to be the most effective and efficient way to fully define brands –laying the groundwork to capture attention and market share.


Research & Diagnostics

We present our findings in a document that can be used for further brand development.

Stakeholder Interviews

To understand your business, we interview your key stakeholders whose insights shape our recommendations. These interviews frequently uncover new and surprising insights and achieve internal alignment.

Competitive Positioning

We’ll survey, research, analyze and summarize any positioning, marketing efforts, language and creative in the context of industry trends and competing organizations.

Customer Persona

We’ll identify and create a likely customer persona that we use to justify any design decisions in creating the logo.

SWOT Analysis

We’ll identify perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats to your endeavor


Recommendation & Design

We will present our findings in a document that can be used for further brand development.

Brand Narrative

The brand narrative we create will tell an aspirational story about the core values of your brand. The goal is to focus not so much on what you do, but why you do it. What drives you? What inspires you every day? This language will serve as inspiration for everything you do and everything you say about your organization.

Reassurance Statements

These short, clear sentences will serve as an “elevator pitch,” defining as concisely as possible what your brand is all about: what you do and who you do it for.

Supporting Points

Supporting points are three to five key words that will form the foundation of the organization and, consequently, the brand.

Visual Identity

Building on the brand narrative, elevator pitch and supporting points, we'll develop core visual brand elements, including your logo, color palette, typography and any relevant elements. These elements will visually reinforce your brand promise. After you have approved the approach, we’ll build out comprehensive guidelines you can use to move your brand forward.

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