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Krush Media

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The Ask.

Krush Media started as a video streaming company, but when streaming costs out-weighed their ability to monetize, co-founder Jeff Chi and Brian Faust purchased the company and turned it into a profitable programmatic advertising company. They needed a brand and website as big and bold as their ambitions. So they turned to Point A Solutions.

Our Solutions.

After evaluating Krush's competitors, which mostly positioned their branding as digital, techy, and quite frankly, boring, we decided to take a bold 180 from their competitors and create a vision that was memorable, colorful, and would live up to it's name; and "Krush" its competition. Ultimately, rather than spoon feed you the impression of being techy, we would let the technology, their customer service, and the results speak for itself.

The Result.

Animals are one of the most effective ways to highlight core values due to the strong symbolism they portray. It was clear, at least to us, that there is nothing more big and bold, smart and empathetic than an elephant. So that became the brandmark for Krush Media. We formulated a brand around that and a website that carried those core values while demonstrating tech competency and exceptional customer service.

Logo Design

point a solutions - krush business cards

Our vision was to create a bold, energetic brand that would not, could not be ignored. It was a complete departure from Krush's competitors that had a more tech-based approach.

Web Design

Krush Media's website was originally bold and energetic, but it was a bit too playful for their space. So we re-imagined the site using less illustrations and making the font and icons more tech-based. The combination preserved the boldness and created a more cool relaxed feel. We added interactive animations and to put it over the top, we created an animated intro to wow first-time visitors.

Point A Solutions also supports Krush Media's sales team by providing one-sheets and powerpoint presentations along with several other one-off requests.