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Web Design

The Ask.

Laradon is a non-profit organization located in Denver Colorado. Since 1948, Laradon has empowered children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they can embrace possibility and reach their full potential. Laradon hired Point A Solutions so that their website could reach their full potential.

Laradon's website was a cluster of content added as needed over the years. There were many cases of duplicated content without a real plan for navigation or heirarchal relevance. Laradon needed some structure to go with their newly created brand.

Our Solutions.

Point A Solutions deconstructed Laradon's entire sitemap and restructured content to flow in a more meaningful and impactful layout. We added a digital events calendar with a ticket and reservation process for all of their events, digitized several intake forms for prospects and volunteers, and improved their email marketing systems.

We are in the process of bringing their donation process in-house with a better CRM for non-profit organizations.

The Result.

Laradon's SEO presence has improved dramatically as content is easier to find and structured for browsers to crawl. Internal process have become easier and their continuants are more aware of fundraising events - bringing in more dollars to fund their efforts.

Web Pages

We took a 96 page sitemap and consolidated several pages of duplicated content into a 48 page sitemap. Re restructured each page calling out important information, interactive content and CTA's resulting a in much easier way to consume content and find what you're looking for.