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The Ask.

PrettyLitter hired Point A Solutions to create content for their many advertising campaigns, ranging from email blasts to video shorts for Facebook. The goal was to drive subscriptions and create buzz around their remarkable product.

Our Solutions.

Point A Solutions created a curated plan to fulfill all of PrettyLitter's needs. We had a cadence of about 12 new ads a week across multiple platforms which included landing pages for each campaign. In addition, we created a blog site which helped generate UGC and boost SEO presence. We also aiding in UX/UI to improve the checkout flow on both desktop and mobile experiences.

The Result.

Along PrettyLitter's talented marketing team, we helped grow sales roughly 400% over the course of our 2 year relationship.

Banners & Videos

We created hundreds of display, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter banners and videos for PrettyLitter and their PrettyPlease food line.

Dedicated Landing Pages

We tested dozens of dedicated landing pages for various campaigns and promotions. Our lift in conversions resulted in tens of thousand dollars in incremental revenue.

Email Campaigns

Our email campaigns kept subscribers engaged with promotional campaigns, new products, and upcoming events.

Blog Site Template

We created a blog site to engage PrettyLitter customers with new articles and for PrettyLitter's customers to share content. We were able to use much of the user generated content in advertising content.

We partnered with PrettyLitter's in-house developer to create custom checkout experiences and tested different user-flows for upsells and cross-sells across desktop and mobile devices.